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The paper calendar that brings more consciousness to two principles:

WIDE TIME: time that is perceived longer


Ever felt like more can happen in a week of holiday than a whole month of work?

AMPLEVITY: as opposed to longevity. A life perceived longer than the years lived, thanks to a high number of multiple perspectives, travels, challenges, experiences and lessons learned.


A wide individual’s life.

The problem is that people are researching how to extend life, when instead, it should be widened.

How to use the Wide Time Calendar

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The Wide Time calendar is inspired by astronauts' psychology observed in Space. We apply the principles on Earth.

overview effect

Overview effect

In Space, astronauts experience the  "overview effect". In the dark void of Space they only see the interconnected ecosystem, not the barriers of religion, politics, colors.

Focus on the bigger picture, let go of the details and try to identify the patterns of your place in the world.

Measure time in width

Einstein theorized that time goes slower the closer to a strong gravitational field. This discovery and its visual represention has revolutionized the world.

Measure time vertically in width, ie. the intensity of an experience, rather than the conventional quantity of time (eg. 1 hour)

time distortion einstein
human in space

Human-centred seasons

In space, astronauts witness 16 sunrises and sunsets every 24 hours, disrupting their circadian rhythms. They develop unique reference points for time, such as "before the power outage" and "after the power outage."

When you have good self-awareness, building a schedule of change that fits your self-development is more effective,customizable and exciting.

I'm Gioia

Human-centred designer & unorthodox thinker

For the past 4 years, during the day I have been a designer in Scandinavia for the banking sector.

During the night, I have been researching the application of Space discoveries on Earth, especially time perception during long-term missions in Space.

"Time is the ultimate currency" never resonated more.

Now, I am leading a time revolution through Wide Time, focusing on increasing the perception of having lived longer than the years actually lived.

I have presented the Wide Time concept to TEDx, Space conferences for long term missions in Space and tested it as the Commander of an analogue mission.

Join this time revolution!

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