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Image by Amy Ozelo

On the Moon

Project proposal for The Woven City Project (Toyota), Japan

A new time unit for a hydrogen-powered society on the Moon


Woven City is pioneering a profound evolution in how societies of the future live, work, play, and move. It's a city being built on 3 principles:

1- Human-Centered, prioritizing people’s needs;

2- Living Laboratory, testing new technologies on a large scale;

3-  Ever-Evolving, constinously improving.

Based on these principles, the team proposed to research and develop a new time unit to enhance people's lifestyle in the context of a hydrogen-powered society.


Gioia Arieti/ Human centred designer, Business analyst, Futurist

Mantas Ambroza/ Laser Engineer, Physics modelling, Graphic designer


Learn from Earth on what can be applied in Space


A new time unit measuring relevant and meaningful experiences

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